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Veterinary pharmaceuticals

Prodajni program lijekova za upotrebu u veterinarstvu. Antibiotics, antiparasitics, chemotherapeuticals...


Verified vitamin-mineral additives for all kinds of animals. Available in powder and liquid form.

Biological products

Our program also includes the live attenuated vaccine for poultry against various infectious diseases.

Feed aditives for animal

A wide range of products for animal feeding-stuff. Amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants...


Get to know us

Who we are?

Sintofarm Adriatica Ltd. is a company established in 2011th with headquarters in Orašje. We are exclusive agents of multinational Italian companies SINTOFARM SpA and Fatro SpA for Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the region.

What we do?

The main activity is an import and distribution of veterinary medicines, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry - for use in veterinary medicine as well as additives and components intended for animal feeding-stuff industry.